Why “Nurturing” Content Doesn’t Get Sales (and How We Fix This Problem For Our Clients)


If you’re a consultant, coach or course creator I’m sure you’ve been told that building “know, like, and trust” generates sales. So you’ve done that by posting “massive” FREE value across channels. And while you DO feel the “know, like, and trust” from your audience…

And while you DO get engagement…

There’s still the disconnect where sales don’t come to you as easy as they should. As easy as you were told they would. Not to mention the number of “freebie seekers” you attract. This happens because the end-all isn’t KLT (otherwise known as “nurturing” your audience).

It’s in something else altogether. And here’s how we help our clients tap into it.

2 Primary Reasons Why “Nurturing” Content Doesn’t Get Sales The Way It Should

  1. Nurturing content puts you in the friend zone, plain and simple. In order to be seen as a business owner who expects something in return for the work you so and the value you give to the community, it’s important to act like one. This means limiting your free sample distribution and start asking for the sale.
  2. Nurturing content gives your audience something else to do on their own. If the directive is to DIY or do homework with the free value you’re putting out, there’s a pretty good chance your audience will do that instead of work with you the way they should.

The Kind of Content to Use Instead

We use something called “pre-frame” content. Pre-frame content is designed to give your audience a specific kind of value, and a set of healthy boundaries, so your audience sees clearly that working with you is the absolute BEST option they have.

Not only that, but they also get plenty of social proof and are already sold on your philosophy, ideology, and more before they even see the offer. The idea here is to get your audience on board with the offer, before it’s time to buy.

Watch the video above to see how it all works.

And remember to book a call with our team if you want help.



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