Sales Page Conversion Hacks: 5 Quick Hacks to Promote Your Sales Page


You’ve spent time (and/or maybe a lot of money) getting your sales page up. But we know after 10+ years of being the ones who write these…

That a lot of clients don’t necessarily know how to promote their sales pages. Especially if they’re doing it organically, without paid ads, and want a good balance of pre-frame & nurturing content going out too.

Still, it’s critical that if you have a sales page, eyes are on it every single day. That’s how you get sales! So, we compiled a quick list of hacks to make it easy for you.

These are easy to implement, a lot of them are evergreen, and – most importantly – they’re built to get your audience HYPE to check out your page.

Let’s gooooo!

Hack #1: Throw the Sales Page Link in Your Bio

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many of our clients either forget or shy away from putting the link in the gosh dang bio. Or they lead with their website, which – hint – your website will not convert as well as a direct response sales letter.

Putting the link to your actual sales page in your social media bios is the critical first step everyone should take when they launch a new sales page. This way everyone who enters your world is going to see it, and you’ll get residual traffic on autopilot. One & done. Next.

Hack #2: Steal Copy From the Sales Page & Use it for the Pre-Frame

You don’t need to write a bunch of content from scratch to promote your page or get your audience hype to buy from you.

In fact, we usually advise against it. (Our) long-form sales letters have 2000 – 3500 words on them, covering every pain point, goal, fear, objection, etc. of the target audience using our data-driven market research method.

If your sales letter is equally as thought out & detailed – which it should be – then all of your content topics are already on the page. Pull from those and expound on them in pre-frame posts to get your audience excited/hyped up to check it out.

Hack #3: Add Calls-to-Actions & Links to ALL of Your Video Content

We’re not talking about a single video here. We mean all of your videos (and podcasts too, while you’re at it).

Video & audio tends to be incredibly value-oriented content, which makes it easy to squeeze in a quick call-to-action at the end, or a shameless plug somewhere in the middle, without coming off too salesy since the audience is getting so much value out of it by default.

Since 80% or more of your content should be pre-framing your audience anyway, try to make it easier on yourself by choosing topics that naturally lead you to at least mention your offer. (see hack #2 for the easy way to do this)

Hack # 4: Make Sure It’s in Your Guest Spot Highlights & Bios

Speaking of podcasts, if you’re actively guesting on other brands’ podcasts or doing guest blogging, be sure to add your sales page link to the bio.

Most people would add their website links here. If you can – add both. But if you have to choose, here are the rules we abide by:

For Low-Ticket Offers (Below $500): Add the sales page link directly. This is because this pricepoint is in the “impulse buy” zone, meaning it’s a low enough price-point where your audience won’t need to think too hard about it, talk to their spouse, etc. to purchase.

Anything Over $500: Don’t plug your sales letter, but also DON’T just plug your website either. People go to websites, leave, and forget you immediately (even if it’s good). Instead, plug your social media account where you handle organic promotion, and where your sales page is linked in the bio anyway because you already implemented hack #1 😉

Hack #5: Add it to Your Outreach Campaign

If you’re doing outreach “right”, you’re leading with value & generosity (not to be confused with small-talk, which the majority of people openly claim to despise and still somehow subject themselves to it even though everynoe hates it, which is honestly really fucking weird to me tbh).

Anyway, leading with value means you can take those videos from hack #3, and send them to targeted audience members who’d want to see them. We like to start by asking for consent.


“Hey John, we just finished a video breaking down the structure of a sales letter we wrote that’s now produced over $800,000 in revenue for a client. It’s on our blog (no opt-in required).

Thought you might want to see it.

Should I shoot the link your way?”

As long as the hook is strong & the offer is targeted to John (i.e. he has products that need sales letters that produce that much cash), there’s no reason for him to say no. And a lotta reason for him to say yes.

Take it from us, they usually do:

And since your video has a CTA to go to YOUR sales page, there’s a decent likelihood that he’ll click that after he’s done with the video.

All-in-all, if you’re using organic marketing, there are a BUNCH of ways for you to get your audience to check out your sales page – even without promoting it directly.

But as a final bonus tip…

Don’t be Shy, Boo. Throw that Offer Up Like You Mean It.

Look, skinny jeans are out, and so is waiting for your audience to magically think of you when they need your solution because you post funny things on Facebook & get a lot of engagement.

Truth is, if you want to be top of mind as the go-to, you need to act like the go-to. That means talking about your offer on a regular basis because you (and everyone else) are just that fucking into it.

This keeps you top-of-mind because people are quick to FORGET what you do if you don’t remind them.

Think about it, the average social media user is connected to hundreds if not thousands of people, and seeing thousands more ads from businesses every day who aren’t shy about saying “Hey, we have a product that can help you with your problem. Check it out.”

Don’t be the one person who’s too shy to own your shit.

Your promo post doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out one either.

A simple question/claim and CTA will do.

“Who wants help [getting result]? I have something for you.”

For everyone who comments, shoot the link their way. Don’t overcomplicate it.

And whatever you do, make damn sure that if you put the time, money, and effort into making a sales page for that offer, people are seeing it.

They need your solution. Help them find it.




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