PR & Communications

When you have a message you want to spread with the world, you call Shift.


Most PR & Media Relations Agencies are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

We use our extensive background in behavioral analysis, psychology, marketing, and yes – even the media itself – to bring you data-driven media strategies that get results.

There are two ways to work with us to expand your brand awareness, authority, and of course – sales.

Gold-Standard Media Relations (For Our Most Ambitious Clients)

In our Gold-Standard Package, created specifically for the most ambitious brands that are geared to get what they’re offering in the hands of as many people as possible, you get:

A rigorous exploration of what your brand story is and how it fits into today’s media. Once we discover your story we curate a list of journalists & reporters, podcasters, Influencers, and more who are a perfect fit for your brand.


Where most agencies use a single or 2-pronged approach, we deliver a 4-pronged approach to get you coverage through press release writing & distribution, direct media relations (both inbound and outbound), social influence, and proactive podcast & YouTube matching.

After we get your initial pickup, it doesn’t end there. We have a process to “trade it up the chain” and make sure that story doesn’t simmer out, but lives on and grows through multiple other channels & sources.

Anything-goes remote consulting through the duration of our contract. Contact us any time with questions, concerns, or outright crises concerning your reputation and we’ll help resolve it.

If you want to become the go-to leader in your industry, hop on a call with us to walk you through the full roadmap.

Measured PR

For Clients Who Need a Slow & Steady Growth Approach for Limited Fulfillment.

In our Measured Package, created specifically for clients who are looking to grow at a slower & steadier pace to not overwhelm fulfillment, you get:


A thorough discovery of all of the great & newsworthy things about your brand, and a custom-build & refined brand story.

We use a single approach of responding to inbound inquiries from journalists and reporters from outlets as large as New York Times or maybe the #1 niche outlet your customers love. These journalists are in our inboxes every day, asking for stories, quotes, tips & interviews from credible experts just like you.

Whether you submit the quotes yourself or we ghostwrite them for you, each submission will be tailored to make sure you’re represented as your best self in the media.

We’ll be working daily on your campaigns and responding to dozens of reporters every month, which guarantees steady coverage and growth from your brand.

Hop on a call with us to see if we’re a good fit.