How to Create Sales Copy Fast (Without Actually Writing)


If there’s one issue we hear time & again from clients it’s that they don’t have the time to write all their copy. Or, that it just takes too long to do it themselves. Still, while you might invest in offloading some, there’s a good chance you’re still pulling some weight yourself, at least. So the question becomes, how do you produce high-converting copy quickly, without worrying about quality, so you can get back to what matters most?

How We Produce Copy Fast (And You Can, Too)

A few days ago, I noticed my copywriter wrote all the ads from scratch for a lead magnet we produced for a client. I went in and whipped up some of my own. All I did was pull from the lead magnet, and tweak the copy with a CTA and intro that was a fit for ads.

I showed my copywriter, and he said that was pretty genius.

And the ads converted great!

Why This Helps Your Copy Convert Better

The thing is, this isn’t a novel idea. It’s well documented and tested that funnel congruency is what helps your target audience make it from one step to the next. Meaning, if they click it once, there’s a good chance they’ll click it again.

Oftentimes, we’ll take the exact same words on a landing page and plug them into an ad (with a few tweaks to make it flow better in ad format). Or, like mentioned, take the words directly from a lead magnet and put it on the landing page and the ad.

This also helps with the pre-frame (the holy grail of getting an audience hyped to purchase your products and services).

Watch the Video Above

Obviously the intention here isn’t to just copy + paste and move on. There’s nuance to make sure the copy makes sense from one point to the next, and make sure it flows well. Watch the video above in full to see how we implement the quick hack.

And, if you need help with this, book a call with our team.




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