Get Your Audience Excited to Buy (Before They Even See the Sales Page)


We’re pros at selling offers, which is how we know that selling your offer requires more than just contacting people YOU know it would be a good fit for and saying “hey, I think you’ll benefit from this thing I’m selling.” It also requires more than just driving targeted traffic to your sales page. Instead, watch the video to see how to make THEM see that they want your offer – before they actually see it (which is important).

One of our clients thanked us for helping her “build anticipation better than Apple”. She makes 6-figures every time she opens cart on her offer, and her audience is begging to give her their money by the time it comes available.

Why Driving Targeted Traffic to the Sales Page Doesn’t Work

Driving targeted traffic to the sales page isn’t all it takes to get the sale. Instead, the traffic needs to be properly pre-framed to buy before they reach the offer itself. Now, for tripwire, free, and general low-ticket offers, you can get away with a shorter pre-frame cycle. But the higher the price of your offer, the more important it is to pre-frame the audience. There are a few key elements necessary to pre-frame your audience, make sure the funnel is aligned, and get your page ready to convert. Watch the video above to get the full breakdown of how we do this for clients every day.

The Effect You’re Going For

The effect you want to have on your audience is that of waiting for doors to open for their favorite Black Friday deals. Best Buy, Target – they all start running campaigns ahead of time to get the audience hyped up about the offers.

Of course, if you’re in a service or info-based business, the specific type of content you use to do this will be different than retail, but the principle is the same.

Ask yourself what does your audience need to see to get excited and curious about the offer, before they even know it exists?

Remember to watch the video to get some more answers to these questions and a quick demo.

If you need support with this, book your call with our team.



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