7 Email Marketing Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed


Email Marketing is kind of like the wild west. The days of email being a shiny object of marketing are long gone. But contrary to any naysayer’s belief, that doesn’t mean email is dead. What it means is that if you aren’t good at it- you’re dead in the water.

That’s why tools come in handy. But we don’t just mean email marketing software, we mean other tools you can add to your workflow to help with copy, deliverability, open rates, and CTR.

We’ll show you. Here are the 7 Email Marketing tools you didn’t know you needed to maximize conversions.

#1. Hemingway App

Ever gotten wires crossed in communication with someone? You know, one of those moments where you’re wondering what it is you’re saying that isn’t clear. Where you feel like what you’re saying is clear, but the other person just can’t seem to grasp what you really mean.

When you’re in a face-to-face conversation, you have the benefit of clarifying what you mean in those moments. But in email, you don’t. And if there’s one thing that will lose a reader, it’s confusion.

Hemingway is one of our favorite tools because it helps us write clear copy. It checks readability, making sure the copy is concise, clear, and easy for your reader to understand. Hemingway protects you from those dreaded moments where you don’t realize how someone else it taking what you’re saying. It catches it for you before you lose your reader and find out the hard way.

#2. GlockApps

We know most people’s curiosity starts with email open rates, but what they’re missing is deliverability. Meaning – are your emails even making it to the inbox, or are they heading to promotions and spam folders? If people don’t see your emails at all, they can’t possibly open them.

Here at Shift we don’t pretend to be email deliverability experts (outside of the things we can do directly with the copy to increase deliverability for our clients). But GlockApps has our backs.

GlockApps offers a tool suite specifically for email deliverability, and it can:

  • Run reports for deliverability issues
  • Check your IP reputation and tell you if you’re on any blacklists (and even how to get off of them)
  • Tell you if your content is “risky” before you send it out
  • Monitor and alert you of deliverability & performance issues

And more. Just click here to see for yourself.

We aren’t affiliates of GlockApps by the way, they’ve just helped us out so we’re spreading the love.

#3. Conversion.ai

This is a new guilty pleasure at Shift, and we’re loving it. Conversion.ai is an AI tool that will write copy for you. Jarvis (your copywriting assistant) just needs to know the topic, some keywords, and a short description of what you’re writing about, and he’ll whip up some copy for you using one of the dozens of templates they have available on the platform.

You can even select the specific tone of voice you want, and have Jarvis write multiple returns for you to choose from. He’ll populate them in literal seconds. And we really love Jarvis for Headlines and Subject Lines.

Now, it’s important to know how to use AI Copywriting tools in a way that won’t actually hurt your business. But here’s a couple of important rules:

  1. General internet aggregated data from AI won’t replace market research specific to your audience.
  2. Use the AI tool to give you topics and even write the baseline content for you, but be careful to go through and personalize it for yourself.
  3. Always, always, always use a plagiarism checker. These tools aren’t perfect. They help you move way faster, but you still have a responsibility to stay in integrity within your company.

We’re actually writing this blog post here in Conversion.ai, and it’s helping us move a lot faster.

#4. Automatic Script

If you’re not into AI, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a tool to help you speed up your copywriting efforts. Automatic Script has preset templates for emails (and other content types).

It asks you questions to get the specifics of your content, which is much more market research-friendly, and then it spits out a full email sequence at you if you so choose.

One of our favorite things about Automatic Script versus other scripting tools is that you have the freedom to add your own custom templates. This is a big deal of originality and creativity mean a lot to you from a content standpoint.

Note: Just like with AI tools, don’t expect scripting tools to be perfect. Expect it to spit out a rough draft that you have to go in and tidy up. The benefit of script tools versus AI tools is that it will be your information, ideals, and philosophy in the copy instead of general info on the topic.

#5. Answer the Public

While we’re big fans of using our signature data-driven market research process to find topics your audience wants you to write about, it doesn’t hurt to shake it up every once in a while.

Answer the Public is a great tool for doing just that. You enter a keyword your audience might be typing into Google, and it returns dozens of questions the public is asking about that keyword.

Choose a question you know your audience wants an answer to, and what do you know, you now have a relevant topic for your next email.

#6. Your Sales Page

Weird one, huh?

You’d be surprised how often we pull content directly from a sales page and turn it into an email. In fact, this is one of our favorite ways to ensure congruency and make sure we’re pre-framing the audience to buy.

Tori explains it all in this video.

#7. Google Forms

We’ve mentioned market research a couple of times, and that’s because it’s by far our favorite tool for ensuring conversions. Here’s the deal, if you want your audience to pay attention to you, your content has to be relevant above all else.

And the best way to make it relevant is to ask your audience what they want you to write about.

We’ll plug a P.S. every few emails with a link to a survey. You can create them for free in Google Forms. And ask your audience questions to pull content topics out of them.

Remember, the people who are already on your list are the closest to purchasing your products and services. Let them tell you what to say.

If you don’t want to do this all yourself, remember to contact our team to see how much of your email we can take on for you.

If you do want to do it yourself, we recommend grabbing Email Profits. This is the lazy business owner’s solution to making more money from your email list. It’s full of quick email hacks, templates, and even some gamified bonuses. Click here to check it out.

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